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RT Prime: Your Trusted Manufacturing Partner

The RT Prime team makes your internal mechanical assembly processes more efficient by managing the complexities of acquiring sub-assemblies overseas.

A term used to describe the process of putting together aspects of a product on the assembly line, mechanical assembly is the art of putting parts together to complete a product or fulfill a function— and RT Prime takes the time and financial burden off companies’ shoulders with our 10 years of industry experience.

Our specializations?

  • Assembly Document Curation
  • Mechanical Assembly Training
  • Sample Approval and Optimization
  • Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Freight-Forwarding

Because mechanical assembly warrants specific engineering techniques to guarantee the cost-effectiveness and assembly time of products, our skilled machinists (in our factories in both Canada and China) work with you and your team of engineers from start to finish to ensure that your design is viable and effective.

The advantages of mechanical assembly?

  • Simplified Assembly Process
  • Easy to Inspect and Test Components
  • Products Quick to Assemble and Reassemble
  • Permits Press Fit and Screw Assembly

Since 2010, RT Prime has helped businesses simplify their existing processes, maximize their time budget, and turn their project ideas into real, effective products… all within their budget and timeframe.

We pride ourselves on combining the best aspects of brokers and general contractors into one, meaning that we offer one-stop shop manufacturing and assembly services, raw material procurement and quality control throughout production.

The benefits of partnering with RT Prime?

  • Competitive Pricing at Lower Costs
  • Accelerated Product Development
  • New and Robust Manufacturing Capacity
  • Supply Chain Leverage
  • Risk Minimization
  • Product Innovation
  • Better Profitability

Browse our expansive product gallery, read through our case studies or contact us directly today to hear why RT Prime is your best choice when it comes to both on-shore and off-shore mechanical assembly.

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