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RT Prime Has You Covered For Your Die Casting Needs

It’s not always cost-effective or even possible to produce precision sand, die or gravity casting parts locally within your project’s given timeframe. On the flipside, however, sourcing casting parts from overseas can be frustrating, time-consuming and risky— at the best of times!

That’s where RT Prime can help. We provide our clients with quality casted parts that fit both their time and price budget.

Our specializations?

  • Design Review
  • Procurement of Materials
  • Tooling Design
  • Die Casting
  • Low Wax Casting
  • Sand Casting
  • Gravity Casting
  • Post Processing & Surface Finishing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sample Approval and Optimization

Here at RT Prime, we pride ourselves on our varied casting solutions. Depending on your project’s needs, we offer:

Precision Sand Casting: A metal casting process used via compacting sand around patterns, sand casting is easily scalable, has low production costs, and is compatible with castings of all weights and sizes.

Precision Die Casting: An efficient method that encompasses more shapes and components than either sand or gravity casting, die casting provides simplified assembly and greater dimension stability and accuracy.

Precision Gravity Casting: A permanent mould-casting process where the mould cavity is filled via gravity, this process provides a smoother surface finish and better mechanical properties due to its rapid solidification.

Working with RT Prime circumvents the exorbitant labour cost typically associated with quality casting. With our combination of Canadian and Chinese factories, skilled team members, and years of casting experience, we make good on our 100% satisfaction guarantee— all while ensuring that your project needs are met, from initial design review to packaging.

Browse our product gallery or reach out to us today to hear why companies just like yours trust us with their precision sand, die and gravity casting needs.

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