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Manufacturing Inspection and Quality: RT Prime’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Since 2010, RT Prime has helped businesses simplify their existing processes, maximize their time budget, and turn their project ideas into real, effective products… all within their decided budget and timeframe.

We pride ourselves on combining the best aspects of brokers and general contractors into one, meaning that we offer one-stop shop manufacturing and assembly services, raw material procurement and quality control throughout production. This extends to our quality and inspection standards, which our 100% satisfaction guarantee stems from.

Our specializations?

  • A Committed Staff of Quality and Experienced Professionals
  • Multilingual Translation of Drawings and Prototypes
  • Comprehensive Drawing and Tooling Review
  • Material Hardness Testers (Vickers, ASTM and Webster)
  • Granite Flatness Tables
  • Portable Coating Gauges for Measuring Surface Finish Density
  • Light Fastness Testing
  • Certified In-House Metal Material Testing
  • ISO 9001:2015

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. From the beginning of our work together right until your product has finished shipping out, we assume full responsibility for your satisfaction: we take ownership and stand behind you and your product to ensure everything is quality, accurate and in-line with your vision.

Our stringent manufacturing inspection and quality protocol is in place to permit our experts to catch any concerns before you do, making it so we can resolve the situation immediately and keep your project on track and on time.

Take a read through our product gallery, peruse our case studies or contact us directly today to see why RT Prime is one of the most trusted sources in the industry for manufacturing inspection and quality, CNC machining, surface finishing and so much more.

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