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Your #1 Source for Custom Metal Extrusions

Metal extrusion is a metal-forming process wherein a cylindrical billet inside a sealed-off cavity is forced to pass through a  tooling die before being pushed out via hydraulic or mechanical press. RT Prime simplifies this process by producing said tooling, creating the desired extruded profile and managing vital secondary processes such as CNC machining, surface finishing and assembly.

Our specialists here at RT Prime are skilled in both tool and die-making. The result? Quality, accuracy-ensured custom metal extrusions.

Our specializations?

  • Design Review
  • Procurement of Tooling and Production Materials
  • Tool-Making and Tooling Design
  • Sample Approval and Optimization
  • Inspection
  • Packaging

The advantages of choosing metal extrusions for your project needs?

  • Simplified Process
  • Less Equipment Investment
  • Production Flexibility
  • Wide Product Range
  • Comprehensive Product Quality
  • Decreased Metal Deformation Potential

From 2010 onwards, RT Prime has helped companies just like yours lower the cost of goods, simplify existing production processes, and turn new prototype designs into a reality— within your required budget and timeframe.

Our custom metal extrusion services are no different. We combine the best aspects of brokers and general contractors into one, meaning that we offer one-stop shop manufacturing and assembly services, raw material procurement and quality control throughout production.

The benefits of partnering with RT Prime?

  • Competitive Pricing at Lower Costs
  • Accelerated Product Development
  • New and Robust Manufacturing Capacity
  • Supply Chain Leverage
  • Risk Minimization
  • Product Innovation
  • Better Profitability

Browse our expansive product gallery, read through our case studies or contact us directly today to hear why RT Prime is your trusted source for custom metal extrusions (and more!)

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