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The Medical Health Cart Assembly Case Study: A Master Class in Efficiency by RT Prime

Also known as “the spy cart”, this medical health cart was a combination of a variety of expert mechanical processes that were compiled by the engineering team at RT.

Originally done eight years ago as a combined effort between RT Prime’s Canadian and Chinese teams, this medical health cart was assembled for Burnaby-based Stryker (formerly known as Novavak). All 200+ materials were handled via RT Prime (both sourced and managed) and were managed from assembly to shipping.

Included processes:

  1. Sand casting
  2. Germany-sourced, Medical-grade casters
  3. Brake parts quickly and efficiently sourced from Japan
  4. Auto Body painting
  5. Precisions sheet metal
  6. CNC tube bending
  7. CNC machining
  8. Custom packaging
  9. Die casting

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