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Water Union Spool

1Plasma welding
2Precision machined 316 stainless steel tube. Actual size approx. 5 inches OD

Expert Water Union Spool Assembly Via RT Prime

One of our key offerings here at RT Prime? Simplifying the time and processes of clients.

Nicholson Manufacturing did not have the access to the plasma welding and ceramic processes they needed in order to complete their water union spool assembly project.

Our team here at RT Prime were able to quickly and efficiently find a usable process that wasn’t readily available in Canada that provided Nicholson Manufacturing with not only a better process, but product that was superior to their initial prototype: their collaboration with RT Prime yielded a better product with better performance due to its abrasion resistance and longevity… which wouldn’t have been possible if done in Canada!

Included processes:

  1. Plasma welding
  2. Precision-machined 316 stainless steel tube
  3. Hands-on guidance and expert recommendations
  4. Procurement of supplies
  5. Ensuring that quality and inspection standards are met ahead of shipping

Don’t just take our word for it; our case studies speak for themselves when it comes to RT Prime’s experience with projects just like yours.

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